What if you could be... Happier? Procrastinate Less? Believe in Yourself? Know that things were on the right path?

Did you know that Creatives and Self-employed that work on their own, are two of the top types of people to feel Imposter Syndrome?

85% People Suffer from Low Self-esteem

1 in 5 people procrastinates every day!

Around 50% of people think they are not liked by other people!

We live in a world that celebrates multi-tasking, being busy, and never stopping.  Sleep who needs sleep?  We now process around 74GB of information per day!  500 years ago this would have been what a Highly Educated person would have consumed in a LIFETIME!  We are expected to be connected to the world 24/7.  Experiencing an interruption around every 5 minutes!

It is time to take control of the inner you.  The choices you make and become the successful person you are meant to be.

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Life Leverage

Life Leverage – Rob Moore

Life Leverage is my second book from Rob Moore (I have his others lined up to follow as well).  Having read ‘I’m Worth More’, and the references

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52 books for 2022


Hyperfocus is so far the book I would put at the top of your reading list!  If you struggling with productivity GRAB IT NOW!  Firstly it took

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