What if you could be... Happier? Procrastinate Less? Believe in Yourself? Know that things were on the right path?

Welcome to the Photographers Mindset

Do you sit there in self-doubt?  Is the negative voice taking over?  Do you feel stuck in your business and everything you try never seems to work?

Our Success and our level of abundance all come from inside first.  If we do not believe in ourselves, we will never be a success. And if we believe we are useless with money then guess what…


My membership and coaching programs help you to re-program your inner subconscious.  To understand why you do the things you do.  And create that successful life and business from the inside out!  
You can work with me one-on-one or within the group membership, depending on what suits your needs and learning style.


Choose Your Path to Success and Happiness

Photographers Mindset

The Mindset Membership

Join a fantastic community of like-minded photographers on the same inner journey as you.

✔ Monthly Live Goal Setting Call
✔ Monthly Mindset Topic and Focus
✔ Monthly live Q&A
✔ Weekly and Monthly Accountability
✔ Mindset Videos and Worksheets
✔ Inspiring and Knowledgeable Interviews with others
✔ Positive and amazing Community

Photographers Mindset Coaching


One-to-One Coaching Program to transform your life and business from the inside out.

✔ 6 x One-to-One Coaching Sessions
✔ Mindset Worksheets specific to the program<
✔ On-going Support and Accountability
✔ Awesome Welcome Package to start your journey
✔ BONUS - Goal setting workbook
✔ Split Payment Options
✔ Lifetime Access to The Mindset Membership

Did you know that Creatives and the Self-employed that work on their own, are two of the top types of people to feel Imposter Syndrome?

85% of People Suffer from Low Self-esteem

1 in 5 people procrastinate every day!

Around 50% of people think they are not liked by other people!

The world we live in today isn’t working.  We celebrate multi-tasking yet it reduces productivity by 40%!  Instead of looking at how productive in the day we are, we are taught to celebrate working long hours.  It is almost like a competition of who put the most hours in.  Self-care?  No who needs that?  Sleep?  Never heard of it!  We can not keep living this way if we want to be successful and happy!

It is time to take control of the inner you.  Control of the choices you make and become the successful person you are meant to be.

The Photographers' Mindset Coach - Helping you to be Happy, Successful, and Abundant.

I’m Michelle Szpak, The Photographers’ Mindset Coach.

I have been a photographer since 2005 (over 17 years 😱).  

Successfully run a high street studio including staff.  Worked in weddings, portraits, boudoir, dance, pets etc.  Before finding my true niche in 2014 in Automotive Photography.

During this time I felt the ups and downs of the industry.  The need to chase ideas and work in a way that isn’t suited to who we truly are.  Imposter syndrome comes with being creative.  In 2014 before I made the transition to Automotive, I was broken, exhausted, and at the point of meltdown.  From there I went on a mindset journey to understand what we need to be successful and happy!

Now I get to help photographers avoid this.  I help them to be successful as themselves.  To look at the beliefs that hold them back and help them to live a happier, more abundant, and more successful life.  Increasing productivity without increasing hours working.

I am honored that I get to work and speak for various companies and shows.  Including, The Photography Show, and The Societies of Photographers (Including their amazing convention).  The Guild, Loxley Colour, The Flash Centre, and many more.

Want to see how I can help you?  Book your FREE 30-Minute Photography Mindset Advice Call today.