Is it time to move from lack to abundance? From negative to positive?

To move from stuck to flow, and from self-sabotage and procrastination to productivity and success?

Join the Mindset Coaching for Photographers Program

As a photographer we love photography… but as creative people, we are filled with self-doubt and negative beliefs.  Can we really make a living through our art?  Are we really good enough to earn a living?  Not forgetting the need we seem to all have to work 12 plus hours a day and burn ourselves out.  Almost like we think we have to put in all the hours to prove we have a business.

It is time to change.  Time to embrace the life we want to live.  And time to live a life that we see as successful.  To let go of our old beliefs and our self-limiting behavior.  I am here to help you do just that with the Mindset Coaching for Photographers program.

✨6 x One-to-One Coaching Sessions

✨Worksheets, exercises, and challenges to complete (with me holding your hand) – Sorry there will be homework.

✨Access to me – If you have a bad day, or want help on one of the exercises just get in touch I am there to help.

✨Lifetime Access to the Mindset Membership (an amazing area with extra videos, accountability, goal setting, and a positive community)

✨A special gift when you join – It’s a surprise but it comes in the post 😁

How does the program work?

With the program, we will cover the below areas during our one-to-one sessions.  The Sessions are online and usually between 60-90 minutes.  The great thing about this being One on One is that the areas you need the most help with can be concentrated on.

Along side, the One to Ones will be worksheets for you to complete (yep homework) along with exercises that will be chosen based on what you need to focus on.

📸 Your Identity and what a Successful Life and Business is to you.

📸 Productivity, letting go of self-sabotage, and creating realistic work, and life balance.

📸 Who you need to BE for success.  Creating Positive Habits

📸 Understand and work with Imposter Syndrome

📸 Changing your Beliefs and Letting go of any that are Limiting You.

📸 Changing from Negativity and Lack to Positivity and Abundance

📸 Making Visualisation work for you.  Understanding Manifestation.

📸 Money Mindset

the Mindset Coaching for Photographers Program - £999

  • Tailored to you and your mindset needs.
  • 6 x One-to-One Mindset Coaching Calls
  • 7 Mindset Workbooks to complete throughout the program.
  • On-going support and accountability throughout the program 
  • Lifetime access to my mindset membership
  • Welcome Package – with things to help you on your journey
  • Split payments available
  • BONUS Goal Setting Workbook

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