Want to achieve things rather than just being busy? Want change but its not happening? Feeling a little stuck, frustrated and fed up with that negative voice?

You are not on your own!  I am here to help.  The Photographers Mindset Membership gives you access to an amazing community of like-minded photographers.  All who want growth and change. 

It is time to take control of the inner you.  The choices you make and become the successful person you are meant to be.

✨Kickstart Your Mindset Course

✨Monthly Live Q&A Session

✨Monthly Goal Setting Call

✨Monthly and Weekly Accountability

✨Mindset Weekly Challenges

✨Interviews with others on Mindset, Life as a Photographer, and Business.

✨Training Videos and worksheets to complete

£19.99 per month or £199 for the year.

Need more reasons?

The membership gives you the tools to reduce your procrastination, be more productive and improve your value and self-beliefs over time.

The weekly exercises are going to guide you to create a better life and a better mindset.  If you don’t value or believe in yourself how do you expect your clients to?

Our outer world is mirrored by what we feel, think, and believe in our inner world.  Awareness and support are key to change.

Often when we go it alone we don’t have the backup and support to stop us from giving up.  From deciding that we can’t change.  That life is just crappy and that we will never be good enough.  That thought process just keeps us going round and round in a never-ending circle. 

Who doesn’t want to see change?  Become more successful and stop sabotaging themselves?  I know I did which is why I can now work and help you.

📸 Get More Done

📸 Let go of procrastination

📸 Work on your Negative Self Talk

📸 Understand and work with Imposter Syndrome

📸 Monthly Sessions to help with anything YOUR struggling with


Still not sure?

Why not join the free part of the community to see how it works.  You will also get to enjoy the FREE 5-Day Mindset Workshop to explore how the training works.

Included are monthly accountability, a list of events/lives you can join for free, and various mindset topics.


This has been a phenomenal week. I have had some areas of my that were cluttered. Michelle has helped me declutter. I learned a lot about myself and what I needed to further my goals