Money Mindset Workshop

Do you struggle with money?  Never quite making enough?  Feeling as though your clients always bargain with your pricing or say you are too expensive?

YOU ARE NOT ON YOUR OWN!  Many Photographers feel this daily.

Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality and it is no different with money!

Are you...

💰Finding yourself discounting without a client asking

💰Doing any job you can find for money.  Even if it is something you don’t like

💰Hate looking at the accounts and money

💰Constantly comparing yourself to others

💰Worried daily/weekly about money.

💰Never chase invoices and avoid paying bills


💰Like there is never enough money

💰You are too expensive and no one wants you.

💰Money never comes easily

💰Like life is against you.

💰Tired, overwhelmed and Frustrated

💰Unabundant and stuck in lack

It is time to make the changes and increase the money in your life

How we grow up has a significant impact on our finances.  Ever been told “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees” or “Rich People are Greedy” There are many more than just these two, but do these sound familiar?

We don’t even realize how the beliefs we pick up and the random sayings our family made, create our adult reality.  I can tell you one of mine I have had to work through – “You have to work hard for money!” after all that is what my parents did!

Money and Valuing yourself seem to be the limiting areas I see in most creative people. 

This workshop is here to help you overcome this and start seeing wealth and abundance in your photography business.

What is covered in the mindset Workshop?

A full on day, taking a deep looking into your money mindset, beliefs and a solid plan to bring abundance into your life.


💰  Deep Dive into Money Beliefs
💰 Understanding how the brain keeps you in lack
💰 Understanding self concept and how to change it
💰 Worksheets and Exercises to change your money mindset
💰 Using visualisation tools to increase sales.

You Will Gain

💰 Abundance in your daily life
💰 Knowledge about yourself and your own mindset
💰 A New Mindset towards money
💰 Understanding of how we create our own reality
💰 Exercises to create a life of abundance
💰 A way to break the money beliefs that are holding you back
💰 No longer needing to be scared of money
💰 A stronger value in yourself and your work
💰 Higher Average Sales

Loxley Colour - Glasgow

11th September 2023

£49 until 31st March

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