2 hour on-line masterclass

your success starts with you make 2022 the best year!

Successful Planning and Goals for 2022

It is so easy to get caught up in the here and now, working to get through each day and grabbing the money where you can.  Often this leaves little time for planning, for looking at what needs to change in order for you to be happy, have the life you want and to grow the best business for you. 

✨ Unsure of what goals to set?
✨ Not even started to plan for Next year?
✨ Feeling a little lost on even where to start after the last few year
✨ Not sure of what you want?
✨ Have business goals but not even thought about personal/life goals. And Self-care? Holidays?
Then this Masterclass is for you! 

In a time where we have had a massive shake up in all of our business’s with Covid and lockdowns, its the perfect time to re-assess and make sure that we are focusing on making the changes we NEED to be happier.

Can’t make the live dates?  The session will be recorded and sent out within 24 hours of the Live.

🗓Thursday 16th December at 7pm

🗓Wednesday 29th December at 2pm

we will be covering

Looking at 2021

Part of the masterclass will be looking back over 2021.  

The workbook has a series of questions for you to answer and work through to help see both what worked and what didn’t last year.

Dream Life & who you want to be

We will look into who you want to be and what your ultimate dream life and business will look like. 

We will then work backwards to create a plan moving forward.


Planning goals, non-negotibles and working on making 2022 not only the best year for business but also for your personal life.

Covering tracking your goals, vision boards and keeping yourself going.

Why leave 2022 to chance?  Set yourself up to have an amazing year and join the on-line masterclass now for ONLY £15!

Limited Spaces – so don’t leave it too long.